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The medical expertise of the East.

The Knowledge of the West. And the Filipino Touch.

The grueling pace and relentless pressure in our world has resulted in conditions that have robbed us of our own vitality. It’s time for a more holistic approach where the body is healed as a whole and assisted to heal itself.

With acupuncture, the balance of energy and blood is restored. And when complemented with meditation, anxiety in the mind is controlled. Patients begin to have better health experiences and are empowered to make better lifestyle choices.


Welcome to your healing space.

"I’ve seen many Filipino suffer from what we can sub-optimal health. They look fine, their lab tests are ok, but they feel sick all the time. They’re tired, fatigued, and lack drive.


Acupuncture can help address and even reverse many conditions.  For those with physically and mentally demanding work, acupuncture can help enhance your focus, concentration and drive. 

Our body has a tremendous ability of heal itself, sometimes all it needs is a little help. "

~ Doc Jeanie, Lead Medical Consultant  ~

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Year-round holistic care for you and your loved ones now available on subscription. Use for your therapies, top up when needed. Transferrable, hiram-able and available in easy payment denominations.

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Neighbors from the Legazpi Village area - office, shop, condo - get 10% off on any therapy or package. Just show proof of employment or residence.

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